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Evolution in process, is as important as the original building blocks

It is a fundamental misconception that every profitable organisation has optimised its resources and potential. Amazon Stone believe every business has the scope to become more financially robust and less susceptible to change in the economic cycle.

But many business leaders feel they do not have the time or inclination to pursue Continuous Improvement Management (CIM) systems.

Not a problem. Amazon Stone is available to develop the systems and methodology that will lay the foundations for Continuous Business Improvement (CBI) and increased profit.

This need not be expensive IT projects. Often methodology, protocol and systems can be designed and implemented without the need for substantial capital expenditure.

Capillaries are tiny blood vessels (tubes) that carry blood to all parts of the body. The human body contains about 60,000 miles of capillaries. Thatís enough to reach around the earth 2.5 times.