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Planning and knowledge are the key components of a projectís success

Is your business ready for Continuous Improvement Management?

Large businesses thrive on continuous business improvement. However it is unlikely many (or any) of your managers will have the time, experience or desire to pursue this. More to the point they are unlikely to consider the wider issues and commercial benefits.

A specialist committed to Continuous Improvement Management is essential to guarantee the long-term welfare of your organisation.

You could rely on graduates, analysts or academics. But these are the same people who preach "save the planet" while installing traffic light systems that donít respond to traffic flow. Alternative systems would reduce urban vehicle running cost and their carbon footprint by 20% at a stroke.

Such people are also behind the use of different colour recycling bins for the same materials, creating a confusing, non-coherent UK recycling policy. Amazon Stone design and deploy systems that will provide the very best long-term solutions and maximum profit for your business.

Sixth Sigma, Prince2, Black Belt, KPIís, SLAís Lean Process, pointless if not incorporated in a CIM plan.