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Ultra fast covert operations can be essential to survival

All businesses will benefit from a well-designed and implemented CIM plan. It can be a zero cost service. In a business or organisation with sales of £35 million per annum, Amazon Stone would expect to provide additional profit or cost saving of approximately £50,000 per week.

The Amazon Stone team has more than 97,000 hours of CIM experience in areas including:

  • Administration and accounts systems
  • Process design and production systems
  • Account management
  • Litho-print production
  • Estimating and costing systems
  • Customer service and direct sales
  • Staff retention/disposal and HR issues
  • Procurement and marketing systems
  • Finance and commercial law
  • Lean process and vendor management

Amazons Stoneís systems and methodology have evolved over more than two decades, producing remarkable financial results for all stakeholders.

In one remarkable example Amazon Stoneís systems deployed in a process production environment resulted in the most productive and efficient bespoke production plant in the UK.

From an industry error rate of 10-15%, production errors were reduced to less than 1%. If applied to a bigger player in the sector, this model would add £65,000 in sales every week.

The B-2 Stealth bomber was first revealed to the public in 1989, ending many years of speculation about the existence and appearance of this controversial aircraft. The Stealth bomberís unusual shape and its composite
construction material have made it virtually undetectable by current radar systems